Wednesday, July 2, 2008



Dear Ones,

He's left the planet, actually, I assume.  Your comments and prayers, your thoughts really worked, Chuck released his body knowing he was truly loved at 10pm PDT July 1st.  He told us weeks ago he wouldn't be around for the 4th, he was correct.

  Your comments are a huge blessing to all of his family, and we thank you soooooo much!  Wish I could be more creative, more like Dad in how I express this to you...but I know he would say it something like this:


Our love and thanks for a great ride for our Dad, Grandfather, Cousin, Uncle and old friend!  You are ALL AWESOME!  I probably cannot respond to each and every one of you, so please know our heartfelt thanks and hugs across the web!  XXXXOOOO

Blessings, Kate and family

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pitch hitting

Hey everyone, this is Chuck's daughter, remember me from when Chuck was in the hospital at the beginning of the year.  We'll I'm pitch hitting again...making it up as I go along though.  No dictation at this time from Chuck./

I was chatting with BAMA who let me know you would all like to be updated on Chuck's progress.  He's had a major downturn. Here's what I think Chuck needs from all you friends now...prayers, thoughts, comments that let him know how much you've enjoyed your relationship with him, and that it is okay to let go, and go on to the next life experience, whatever that may be.  He is struggling and fighting, though his body is ready to lie down and be in bliss.  I will be happy to read them all to him, to encourage him relax and let go.

Sometimes without realizing it friends and family can hold on too tight to a person, and especially one who is so dedicated to all of us...we can hold them back from moving on.  It seems his friends here at the "old folks' home" have been planning a big Chuck fest for 4th of July, and so he's been conflicted in his mind I think.  Anyway, probably more than you needed to hear, or that he would want me to say.  I'm not sure.

Chuck's whole family knows how important all of you have been to him!!! Please hold us all in your thoughts and prayers for a peaceful transition.

Namaste, Kate

Friday, June 27, 2008

Guest Typist

Hello, my name is Stanley Hahn, designated typist for Chuck today. And it is an honor.  Chuck says (he is dictating)...

....I had a bad morning! The staff came in to transfer me from toilet to wheel chair but I was so weak that my legs gave out, and I sank to the floor.  Then it took the whole staff to lift me into my chair. I was exhausted, but unhurt.  Now when I have to transfer, I have to call for help...not one or two...but three care givers come to help me make the transfer. 


....Talk about loss of dignity...but I am well, even if out of breath.

I would like to make this funny, but I don't know haw to make the situation funny. Suggestions appreciated.  Stanley types 10 times faster that I, ( or so he thinks) so it should be easier to read.  Thanks, Stanley for your typing.


Gotta go...time for lunch but I'm not finished with breakfast yet...still sipping on a soda for breakfast.


See you later!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Upside Down Night

Went to bed at eight PM.  Woke up at two AM.  Now everythng is out of whack. I'll talk to you in the morning wehn I am awake again...hope not still.

LATER 7:15 am  Finally got some rest.  Waiting for breakfast now.  Took  tour of garden.  Twiggy has the nicest crop of second bloom red roses in the garden.  More later.

LATER: 8:45 am  cALLED COUSIN bERTHA.NO ANSWER.  nO ANSWER FROM A NURSNG HOME? cURIOUS.  sorry about the Caps Key... too lazy to type ofver.  Breakfast a bite of Oatmeal and one poached egg.  Not  bad.  Off to play music for exercise class.  More Latler.

11AM: They had a doll show here with a lot of pretty dolls; etnic types and I was able to play some music for the fun and fitness..Mandy the nurse came and treated my various ailments. We had a heart to heart talk. More later.

2:30 PM  Lunch was a piece of chcken, mandarine oranges, cottage cheese.  Then a half an hour nap.  ..More later...

3:00 PM  Got put on new protocol.  Every transfer... chair to chair, chair to toilet, chair to bed, bed to anything...will be done with caregivers' aid.  Changes my life style IMMENSELY.

4:00 PM  Girlfriend Anne came over. We had supper together,then held hands through two and half men.

9:00 PM  A caregiver put me to bed where I stayed until four am. Two  caregivers got me up and I wnt out and looked at the waning moon. 

4:00 AM  Wrote this.  That's it for this entry.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beein Too Pooped to Write

 I have been too weak and too tired to write any stories or amusing anecdotes.  How I miss it.  It is the best therapy for me. 

   Meanwhile, the archives are here... going back several years.  All on file, and all as good as new. 

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Found: Cousin Bertha

   I  found Cousin Bertha.  She is in a nursing home in Texas. She was mighty uncomvortable... but so  am I, today.  I did my best to be cheery.

   The family moved her on Wednesday, and I learned about it today, Sunday, that same time as her daughter did.

   more news later as it comes in....

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Word about Printers

..and the word is &%#@^. or it might even be "help"


Now, Angie, I am not whining.  This is plain cussing.

Are you in the market for a printer?  I would say avoid HP Deskjet 350 All in One. I bought it because it was cheap. But it was built to gobble ink like a sailor with a 12 hour leave drinks beer.  I paid less than a hundred for the machine, but since then, I have paid over a hundred dollars a year for ink.

But worse than that... the software has some idiosyncratic twist. If you run out of paper, it sulks for days.  It was my own fault.  I let it run out and I knew about the sulk. Now I have no printer for God knows how long. 

But I'm not whining.  I am swearing.

PS... The Inkoholic is working again.  I must remember not to let it run out of paper or ink.