Saturday, October 25, 2003

Brush with the Rich and Famous

One day I was sitting in the Agua Dulce airport cafe with other Ercoupe owners watching a third Ercoupe do practice landings and take offs.  Soon it parked and the pilot and his instructor came into the cafe.  The pilot was John Travola and his instructor, whom we knew.  I shouted "Ercoupe pilots are over here."  Travola and his instuctor joined us.  We chatted about coupes and their landing characteristics.  The lady with me was in awe and figetted about waiting for a chance to ask for his autograph.  I whispered, "No you don't.  We're just Ercoupe pilots here. He heard me and smiled and said, "That's right."
   He asked how an Ercoupe landing gear could stand a crosswind landing so well, and I mortified my companions by saying, "Have you seen it?  It is built like a brick shithouse
." How could I use such language with John Travola?
   I had seen in the paper that he was not allowed to fly while filming "Saturday Night Fever" in New York.  I asked why.  He explained that when the whole production depended on your being there they couldn't risk it.  But, he smiled and said he had been able to slip away to New Jersey from time to time and get some flying in.
   Thanks for reminding me of a great moment... my brush with the rich and famous