Sunday, September 7, 2003

My philosophy


There is no supernatural. Life is mortal, conscious. There is no soul, or awareness or consciousness that survives death. There are values, such as kindness, good, love, healthful. These are on a value scale. Values, right and wrong, are human values, not God’s There is no God. The purpose of life is to exist, Live and let live

What I do NOT believe

I do not believe in a the literal creation story, I don’t believe in the Sabbath (“Days” were created by man). Scripture tales are moral fables, cast by people to teach rules to live by. Most were meant as allegories and fables, even in their own time. The human race was not started by two individuals, Adam and Eve. God does not speak to people, nor did he inspire the scriptures. Methuselah did not live 369 years, the Red Sea did not part, the Earth did not stand still, the walls of Jericho did not come tumbling down, Balaam’s ass did not speak, Satan does not exist, Jesus was not born of a virgin, nor did he rise from the dead, and neither did Lazarus. And my saying this is not Blasphemy, because there is no God to blaspheme.


kateh2ocolorart said...

Then, I wonder, why do you CRY at church services, or old hymns, etc.??

roddyjacksontmm said...

Brings to mind a line of Shakespear's, "Me thinketh he protesteth too much." Roddy

justaname4me2 said...

I'm horribly behind and in the process of catching up from our week of being featured. I hadn't forgotten to drop by this entry. I like your straight forwardness here. You said much of what I said, without all the fluff. Touchy subject, I must have been subconsciously saving that one up for the right "sweeps" week! I can see why Paul picked you, he appreciates good honest writing!