Saturday, September 18, 2004

Cup o' Confusion

In the store, picked up Nissin Cup Noodles.  I read the wrapper. "Microwave Directions: See lid for details."  Oh, good, it is microwaveable. I can have some in my apartment.  I bought two.

At home, I removed the wrapper and read the directions on the lid. "MICROWAVE DIRECTIONS: Due to variances in microwave heating power, and for safety, we do not recommend microwave cooking."

No noodles tonight.


camaroisle050856 said...

        You'd think they'd just put  "Do Not microwave."  

        Have you tried the Dinty Moore dinners that don't have to be refrigerated?

Here's their link:
I'll email it to you, too, to make it easier to go to their website.

        You can microwave them in about two minutes, in their own container and are really good.   Like Beef Stew, Chicken breast, Turkey, Noodles, too!
        Around two dollars...check the price in your area.

        Glad to see you back online, hope you're feeling better.

Best Wishes,

sharkie412 said...

I am visiting you! Love the noodle story. Those darn things are always misleading. I love microwavable food (I know bad me LOL)....its so easy. Put in microwave, go back to couch, sit down for 2-5 minutes depending on what it is. Get up for 2 minutes and get dish ready. Proceed back to couch. LOL
Visit me again Chuck! :)

camaroisle050856 said...

How are you doing?  Hope all is well.

Best wishes,

lilrazcal79 said...

They do make some that can be microwaved.  They also make some you just boil water,leave it on a counter and let it set for a few minutes.  It's so dumb that they don't just put on there,"Don't Microwave."  I mean they sucker you into buying a product you can't use.  

valphish said...

Microwave a cup of water then pour it into the Nissan cup of noodles.