Sunday, June 20, 2004

Scootin' to the Movies

Friend Anita borrowed a scooter and we scooted to the movies,  about a two block trip, but with a boulevard to cross. This was experimental since neither had been to a movie on a scooter.

We drove right in.  There were places to park behind the last row.  At first we sat right on the scooters, and during an intermission we moved to seats right in front of the scooters.

The movie was a farce called Dodge Ball.  It was silly and fun, but pure stuff and nonsense.  Rip Torn, bless his aged little heart, stole the show with his portrayal of the dirty old team coach.  Ben Stiller was in it, I am told, but I am not sure which one he was... the announcer I think.  He could have mailed his part in, as he was not part of the action.

When we came to point where we came in, Anita and I climbed aboard our scooters and scooted home harmlessly.

A worthwhile adventure, that demonstrates to us how we could go to a real movie if we wanted.

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lights4me40 said...

Sounds like a fun daughter just went and saw that movie..she loved it..thought it was cornball funny..Think I might actually have to check this one out. My hubby is a big fan of Ben Steeler (how ever it's spelled) Have you seen "meet the parents" He's watching about 8 times and just cracks up everytime!