Thursday, June 10, 2004

What book most represents my peronality

If I were asked to name a book that most represents my personality, I would have to pick three:

The Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain

The Curious case of the dog in the nightime by Mark Haddon

Little Benny's Book by Lee Pape   

In Stranger, the narrator meets a playmate who is supernatural, either an angel, God, or Satan, it is not clear which.  He explains that all creation is in YOUR mind, and your mind only.  That philosophy is reflected in modern times by Depak Chopra who says the universe is a hologram in your mind.   

In Curious, the protagonist is an autistic teen ager who uses his handicap, the inability to forget details, to solve his real life problems.  That is me, you see, using my handicaps, to extend myself to the world,  

And in Little Benny, an old, old book, the narrator is Little Benny, who writes his journal daily of neighborhood happenings of Pudge, Glasses Magee, and mom and pop.  I read and reread that book as kid, and learned to see adventures in everyday happenings.

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