Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Proud as a peacock

Man, I am proud.  Daughter Kate has a website.  Take a peek. Click on that link or enter http://hometown.aol.com/kateh2ocolorart/index.html


albany1932 said...

She has an excellent web site and I like her art work

sasonalmah said...

I am so excited about your journal!  I have this fear of getting old, but with people like you around it makes it not so scary!  If I can be as spunky as you at age 79, I will be alright!  I agree with Jeff, you frickin' ROCK!!!!!


jevanslink said...

Your daughter's paintings are beautiful!

kateh2ocolorart said...

Thanks Dad for being proud and linking my TEMPORARY website.  AOL's designing program gave me fits and stuff fell off after I neatly and artistically arranged it.  Wish I had as much know how as somebody twice my age!!  Thanks to all who commented, and just WAIT until I get my REAL website up and running, or join a gallery that posts my work.

lights4me40 said...

Wow, I love her work. Wish I could paint like that..hmm..someday, someday! Thank you for sharing!