Thursday, April 8, 2004


Ordered a new scooter...a Pride.  Will zip me to Sav Mart and the Mall and Wal*Mart.  Replace an old pace saver which I seem not to be able to fix and a tippy City Bug, which is more toy than walking aid.  Glad I can still drive, but the fifteen foot walk from the back, where I story my wheelchair, to the driver's seat, is getting longer and longer. 

("Hi" to Shelly a journaler who writes a charming blog)

Wish I knew how to properly insert links.

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dazeychic said...

Well, hello to you too! Thanks for your comments over at my journal! I see your very busy driving and scooting around! Your personality is defenitly still intact! Thats soo great! I love that! I will tell you how to insert a link correctly if you want!
Its pretty easy if you already know how to post an entry! I will be back to read some more about you!! You take care of yourself and dont drink to many Latte' know what they say... Coffee stunts your growth! hehe. Bye for now! ~Shells (dazeychic)