Friday, May 21, 2004

High Power Kids

One of the things my chums and I did as kids was go to the library, get books, and read to each other. That amazes me, Kids reading to each other.

One of this group of chums, Ken, went on to become a marine biologist, a curator of Marineland of the Pacific, and a specialist in whales and dolphins. He wrote several books about porpoises. He swam with dolphins and helped develop commercial fishing techniques that let dolphins escape the nets of the tuna boats. His study has saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of dolphins.

Another of my chums, Bob, Ken’s brother, became a Geologist. He became a professor at the University of California at Santa Barbara, and has written several books on the Geology of California and its off-shore islands.

Chum Chuck became a teacher but kept on studying school administration. He became a counselor, a principal, and an area superintendent in the Los Angeles City Schools. If he wrote a book, he hasn’t told me.

Friend Walt married my wife’s sister. I see him at family affairs. Our kids are cousins. He had a successful career at Convair Aviation in San Diego.

And I, the weak link in the chain of professionals, became a radio operator in WWII, continued my interest in electronics, which led to computers. At least, I am the only one of this high power group to have a blog.


lights4me40 said...

now, now, don't say you were the weak link, from what I've been told not easy being a radio operator 'specially in WWII..and so many people your age have no clue about computers. How's the weather been up your way? Been so cold and foggy and windy here!!! grrrr..that's how are summers always are, really hope we do move up your way in the next year or so!

hrmore1956 said...

And having a blog is way cool, so you shouldn't consider yourself a weak link. You could still write a book.

lilrazcal79 said...

My godson is 2 and he can't read but he remembers things he's read and will quote them back.  Weird huh?  You're not the weak link.  I think everyone has a purpose. You had an interest in electronics.  At least you knew that's what you wanted to do.  I'm 24 and had no clue up until like 4 months ago when I decided to go back to school,right now I'm helping my sister take care of her son,and then go to law school.  At least you had it figured out.