Sunday, May 16, 2004

Romance by Wire

My sweetheart is eighty-seven years old. That’s all right. I am seventy-nine. Our romance is carried on by long distance telephone. It is very chaste. But we talk for an hour a day on the phone.

At first my phone bill was staggering. I changed phone companies five times in two years chasing the best long distance deals.  I had it down to manageable size even though we were 800 miles apart. But at least we were in the same time zone. At Seven AM every morning I called and we chatted, mostly about nothing, for an hour. We both depend on our morning calls.

Now she has moved to Texas, 2000 miles and two time zones away. It’s the time difference that makes the problem.

I found a message on my machine at 5:30 PM, “Sorry I missed you. I was sure you’d be in your room at 9:15.” Poor dear, she added two hours instead of subtracting. She had called at 7:15 in Texas time.

I called her back and we chatted and laughed about the mix up.

This morning at five am the phone by the head of my bed rang.

“Hello.” (Groggy)

“Good morning,” (Bright and cheerfully) , “Isn’t it a beautiful morning.”

“I don’t know. It is still dark outside.”

It will all work out.

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hrmore1956 said...

This is hilarious. You should check out T-Mobile where you get nights from 9pm - 8AM for free, and Friday 9PM - Monday 8AM free as well since it's the weekend. However, there's the adjustment of time there, too!