Monday, May 10, 2004

Signs on my Apartment Door

Seen on my door .  Recent series: Sayings from movies or TV

You're Fired --  Donald Trump

Kiss My Grits --  Flo (in Alice)

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn --  Rhett Butler

It was beauty killed the beast --  Denham  (King Kong)

I'll be back --Terminator

Tora! Tora! Tora! --  Yamamoto

Sorry about that! --  Agent 86

Life is like a box of chocolates.  You Never know what you are going to get --  Forrest Gump

Me, Tarzan.  You, Jane -- Johnny Weismuller

If you build it, they will come  --  Field of Dreams

Blondie! --  Dagwood Bumstead

They're ba-ack! -- Little Susie

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore, Toto -- Dorothy Gale

George, tell me about the rabbits, George --  Lenny Small

I was a better man as a woman, than I ever was as a man -- Michael Dorsey, Tootsie

Bring me an empty horse -- Samuel Goldwyn

Ready when you are, Mr. DeMille -- Old Joke

Make them an offer they can't refuse -- The Godfather

One night I shot an elephant in my pajamas.  How he got in my pajamas, I'll never know --  Groucho

I want to be alone --  Greta Garbo

Go ahead, Make my day -- Dirty Harry

Elementary, My dear Watson -- sherlock Holmes

Win one for the Gipper --Knute Rockne

Phone Home --  E.T.

If you want me, just whistle.  You do know how to whistle, don'tyou? --  Lauren Bacall

What would you add?

Snootchy bootches ----- Jay & Silent Bob,  From Bassjock

This is the begining of a beautiful friendship - Humphrey Bogart from Jeffcomedy

""Did I do that?"     --Steve Urkel from mgraves6033

Boldly go where no one has gone before  --Star Trek  from camaroisle050856

"Doh"  -- Homer Simpson  from KateH2Ocolorart

"Where's the Beef?"  --TV commercial  (Wendy's) from KateH2Ocolorart

"You never met a bad guy like me.  Make way for the bad guy."  -- Al Pacino, Scarface from lizardking6613





bassjock1422 said...

Snootchy bootches ----- Jay & Silent Bob

bassjock1422 said...

I don't believe I have read that one, but I'll be sure to give it a try. thanx for the reponse.

jeffcomedy said...

This is the begining of a beautiful friendship - Humphrey Bogart

mgraves6033 said...

"Did I do that?"

camaroisle050856 said...

  Thank you!  

kateh2ocolorart said...

DOH!  -- Homer Simpson

WHERE's THE BEEF?  -- Jack in the Box commercial

lizardking6613 said...

"Where's the beef?" was Jack in the Box?  I live in the South where I've never seen a Jack in the Box yet I remember those commercials from the 80s.  What gives?  Signed, Fairplay.  Experience me @

lizardking6613 said...

U never met a bad guy like me.  Make way for the bad guy.  --  Al Pacino, Scarface

ckays1967 said...

I thought I saw aa puddy tat.