Saturday, April 1, 2006


Broadband is indeed much faster. Much.

But I get booted more often, in fact, frequently, and I get "failed to connect" message more often. 

In fact, when I got booted this time, I could not reconnect broadband, and had to reconnect using slow, old reliable, dial up.

Maybe I don't have it connected right.  How can I tell, the kid I paid to connect it did wonderful mysterious things to my computer and the programs in it.  The company who sold me the service wanted over a hundred dollars to connect it.  The kid was free but I tipped him twenty.
   And I forgot to mention... although broadband is offered for less then ten dollars a month...that is a "starter special" and eventually the thirty dollars a month, or more, will kick in.
   AND I had to agree to take it for a year (I think) or pay a disconnect fee to quit.
   Boy, they sure have you by the "short hairs".

Just thought I would "vent" a bit.


garnett109 said...

You don't have it connected right do you?

fisherkristina said...



jckfrstross said...

they get you coming and going :)


msecz said...

when I first got my broadband that happened to me too but not much anymore.... do you have that little box with the lights that the yellow one keeps flickering? if you do when you run into that problem just disconnect the cords in back and reconnect right away and it ususally works then after the first try....

kateh2ocolorart said...

Dad, we don't have that problem, and the same kid connected it may be something else.  You could call him to check it out again, or call your grandson...he knows enough I think.

hewasolddog299 said...

Chuck, time to get the kid back and put his toes to the fire. However, it may well be a wi-fi problem, so I hope the kid is also knowledgeable in troubleshooting network issues.

Best of luck... keep the faith.


mtrib2 said...

I am on dial-up but I have read the exact same thing you are experiencing.    Hope you get it solved.    I am not on the computer enough to justify paying more for faster service.    mark

monponsett said...

Those shysty SOBs!

You should call the company, as I would almost guarantee that you have the right to a discounted Seniors rate. I think it's generally a 15% discount... may as well cash in.

You should also name- and put up their web site/phone number of- the company in the article.....partly so that other people don't fall for the wallet-rape broadband deal, and partly to maybe intimidate the company into giving you the service for free so as to silence you. Silence is golden, when it gets you free broadband. Just don't sign anything til I see it.

You should have also paid the techie who hooked up your system to somehow wire you into the braodband that the nursing home's computer system is no doubt based on. That'd cost more, but some things are cheap at any price. If you get caught, just fake dementia.... Trust me, they won't lean on a war vet in this political climate.

Let me know if I can help.

sylviam4000 said...

Swear my connections got wired wrong from birth Chuck - keep laughing.
Sylvia xxxx