Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Penny

There is talk, again, about eliminating the penny.  The government would simply stop making already costs more than a penny to manufacture it.

Fine.  And while we are at it, stop making nickles and quarters too. 

They may already have stopped making halves...I haven't seen a new one for ages.

Tell the mint to make dimes and dollars.  Make a dollar coin about the size of a nickle, or even a quarter. 

What a lot of fumbling and counting of change it would eliminate.

Prices could be made to include the sales tax... that's the way the merchant pays it anyway... he doesn't send all those pennies to the state.  He totals it up and sends a check. Why  should we fumble and fiddle with pennies?  Prices would be stated with one decimal point instead of two.  As a matter of fact, that would help us by gettig rid of the silly practice of shaving a penny off a price to make it look less.  No more $1.98 for a this or $5.97 for that.  Things would cost a simple 2 or 6.... that's what we are paying anyway.

Hooray, away with the penny. (And the nickle and the quarter too.)


garnett109 said...

Wait till they start putting plastic chips in your arm and get rid of all money!

bamawmn46 said...

If the government did that, I wouldn't have to try to teach the concept of this many <coin> makes a dollar... they don't 'get it' anyway....  

mavarin said...

Nah, I use quarters all the time!  Car washes, vending machine soda...!

Let's face it, pennies are for sales tax.

- Karen

fisherkristina said...

Pennies don't bother me.


sylviam4000 said...

I wish they would bring back pre-decimal coinage in England. They had lovely names, bet you remember them. Farthings, ha'pennys, pennies (not pence), groats (4d), two bob bits, half crowns, crowns, 10 shilling notes, sixpences, threepenny bits, shillings and white crispy fivers.
Dream on Sylvia!!
Hope you are keeping well and out of mischief.
Love Sylvia xx

jckfrstross said...

good idea:)


onemoretina said...

    Things would be so much easier without all that loose change.  And I agree ... if something is five dollars, it is five dollars ... not four dollars and ninety nine cents. It would be nice to do away with that silly game!
   Let's hope somebody out there is listening to your suggestion !  Tina

mtrib2 said...

I would say it would make sense and save the tax payers real money when all that cost is added up each time they are made.    I still do not want to pay anymore for a parking meter when I only need it for a short time and can pay a nickle or a dime.    Laundry mats could sell cards good for a dollar usage instead of change.    There are also things under a dollar that require change.    mark