Thursday, April 6, 2006

Quiz: Rivers of the World


Drag your cursor over the answers to reveal them.

1. World’s longest river: Nile

2. World’s largest (most copious): Amazon

3. Russian river empties into the Caspian Sea; Volga

4. Runs through Vienna and had a Viennese waltz named after it: Danube

5. Main waterway and commerce route in Burma (Which you probably know as Mayanmar, since you are all so up to date ): Irrawaddy

6. China’s major waterway: Yangtze

7. Runs through Paris: Seine

8. Runs through London: Thames

9. Lined with ancient castles overlooking the banks: Rhine

10 China’s river so turgid that it got its name: Yellow River

11. Sacred river for Hindus: Ganges

12. Joshua (Joshua 3:15-17) parted it’s waters so Hebrews could cross it safely: Jordan

13. Mythical river bordering Hades: Styx

14. Viet Nam major waterway: Mekong

15. Runs through New York, New York. Hudson, and yes, I know, the East River too.)


garnett109 said...

That was great , I got 3!

jckfrstross said...

I got 1 yeah me:)


alphawoman1 said...

I only got three this time!!

bamawmn46 said...

You might want to check #12 again..... Abraham was going to kill his son, Moses parted the Red Sea for the Israelites...

kateh2ocolorart said...

Yes about it being Moses who parted the Red Sea, and oops....Burma no longer exists, tho the Irrawaddy sure does (I wonder if in Mayanmar, the still call it the Irrawaddy?) FACT CHECKER, FACT CHECKER!!! <she called to someone who might check that fact>  Kate

mtrib2 said...

I enjoyed the questions and am sitting here on a cold morning after raining.   mark