Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Read the Fine Print

It is easy to dupe an old person.  Neighbor of mine wants to sell her car.  Well, it seems, she doesn't OWN the car she has.  She has been making "payments" for over a year, except the "payments" have been on a LEASE.  She was "selling" the car because she is nearly broke, but now it looks like she won't be getting anything.  She is merely cancelling a lease.

I have had sitting on my desk a DVD called "Sgt. Bilko".  I have been anticipating watching Phil Silvers bamboozle Pvt. Doberman on those precious old televison episodes of "You'll never Get Rich."  I have savored the thought of those silly shows for some time, waiting for the leisurely moment to run them.  Ahhh, nostalgia, How will Silvers get the best of the General tonight?

At last, the right moment came and I slipped in the shiny DVD.  And what started?  Sgt. Bilko, to be sure, but played by STEVE MARTIN in 1996.  Steve you are all right, but you're not the cunning, coniving scheming Bilko I knew. Phil Silver's Bilko was smart enough to outwit the Army's top brass...weekly.  Steve Martin's Bilko forgets his wedding day.  Oh, come now.  The master con man is that dumb? I don't think so.

I stopped the DVD.  I may watch it when I get over my disappointment. My neighbor and I merely need to read the fine print before we order.


jckfrstross said...

that is a crying shame, she didn't know she was leasing the car:( and about the movie have a good hump day


mavarin said...

There is a box set of You'll Never Get Rich that just came out.  I hope you get to see it soon!  I think the Steve Martin version may be in the "extras" of the set.

Sorry to hear about the car lease.  I never liked the idea of those.


garnett109 said...

I use to watch the Phil Silvers Show on cable when I was a kid, you are right, Steve Martin is No Phil Silvers!

elleme2 said...

I hope there is a special place in the nether world for the salesman that talked your neighbor into leasing a car.  Leases rarely make good economic sense but are especially costly for the elderly.  Any salesman should know that.  

mtrib2 said...

The old Phil Silver's classic's were a favorite of mine when I was a kid.    I hope you get the authentic DVD next time.    mark

monponsett said...

If you ever get the sense that someone is trying to rip you or any of the other elders there off, you get in touch with me immediately. I know people in Boston who will kill them for $100.

I'd avoid any Inspector Clouseau films, too... more Steve Martin, and throw in a little Beyonce Knowles for bad measure. It's like having Mariah Carey pose for the Mona Lisa.