Thursday, October 21, 2004

Boob Tube

There has been lots of PAP on television, but lots of good story telling too.  I miss L.A.Law.  It was a fine series and a lot of its featured actors are busy today on other series. It was for its time what West Wing is now: something to look forward to from week to week.

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jacsher said...

Hey Chuck,  Read your log at various times.  I always enjoy it.  When I dropped by this time I went back to catch up.  Great picture, I guess that is you with the beard, and the 'chick'  ain't bad either.  WE are in central Florida, just getting over the Hurricanes.  Good info on the socks!  
Drop by our journal if you  get a chance.  ShipsLog.
Like I said great journal, keep it up, see you again sometime!