Friday, October 8, 2004

Unpresidents' day

We've had presidents' day honoring past presidents.  What about a day celebrating those folks who missed out because of fickle fate.  Say Ted Kennedy, who never got a chance to run because of an accident, but who continued serving his country and his party in his pudgy, steady way.  Or Tom Dewey who cinched the 1948 election, or so he thought.  Or Al Gore who won the popular vote but not the white house.  Robert Taft and General MacArthur could shine again.

   More serious folks will say we should have a 9/11 holiday to remind us of that attack and Pearl Harbor. 

   Or light hearted folks will say "Let's make Ground Hog a national holiday. Let's celebrate the end of our national hibernation."

   More holidays, more long week-ends, hoo-ray.


madmanadhd said...

A grand idea! So many folks who almost made it but missed thus falling into oblivion or only remembered as the "loser" to such and such in a certain election. How about a "third party" holiday where we could celebrate the efforts to expand our political system beyond the borders of two dominant parties? I think 9-11 is so deeply etched in out consciousness that there is no need to lower that event to National Holiday status. Unfortunately I've began wondering the benefit of turning something valuable and precious into a National Holiday. Then it runs the risk of becoming commercialized beyond recognition. Great read. Please feel welcome to visit my journal and read my efforts to propose a National Holiday and let me know your thoughts. Warmest regards.

chittarabunny129 said...

I love it! And I'm sure Ross Perot does too! - Marissa