Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Cats in J-Land

   In reading journals I find (1) we all have problems, (2) we all get depressed about them, (3) we all have kids and cats, and (4) writing about them helps. 

   I understand we are in "J-Land" when we read and write in our journals, and that we are "Bloggers". 

   Further, I find that Bloggers name their cats wild and sensational things.  Scalzi has Ghlughghy (or something like that pronounced "Fluffy"), and another friend has Barbeque Aloyisous Pete.  Penguine4050 has babygirl, peanut, mootsey and smokey.

   Put your past and present cats' name in the comments below and I'll make a cat registry. Let me start you off with Missy, Punkin, Gwendolyn, Pudgy.

From Cat>>Winkle, Forrest (Gump), Freddy, Ivy, Misty, Stripes, Alex, Sylvester, Nikki, Gizmo (aka Fat Kitty), Tummy Kitty, and  Baby. Plus 2 dogs.. Tippy , and Cubby
From Kate>>Magic and Goldie, Magic is a money cat and Goldie is a big GOLDEN furball. Other cats:  friends had one named BATFACE...she looked like it too.SUKI, LITTLE KITTY, were once in the I am Grandmother to BUTTERS a cross-eyed siamese.

From Bookncoffee>>Smokie  (Tortoise callico)Then there's Gizmo, Ginger, Bob (the Momma cat LOL!), and Colby (the Dad). Then there's Gizmo, Ginger, Bob (the Momma cat LOL!), and Colby (the Dad).

From Maraine>>Shadow (Also a tortoise callico)

Fom Valphish>>Honey (well, actually Joy Faith)

From Krissy>Mr. Michaels

From Stacy>My past kitties:  Handsome, Snowflake, Jezebel, Greatful Ed, BlackJack, Chairman Mao, Santana, Cowboy, Popcorn and Lasso... Present Kitties: Shadow and Superfuzzzzz!

One last note before this entry becomes history:  A new resident at our old folks home has a poodle named Sir Dog.

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valphish said...

Actually, Honey's real name is Joy Faith, but it was just too hard to say, and when I first got her she just was a "Honey-Honey" to me!  Love this entry!