Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Chuck, Style Consultant

Of the twelve dress styles chosen by In Style as being the most beautiful of the year, all but two dragged on the floor. 

Of the two that did  not drag unsanitarily along the ground, only one hung freely, was not Hitched up unnaturally. That was Oscar De La Rento's.

Congratulations, Oscar, you got my vote.  Too bad the style I chose as attractive and practical came in tenth in the voting.

So much for my career as fashion consultant.


garnett109 said...

hey tenth place is not bad... in racing that is! lol

jckfrstross said...

10th not bad:)


deslily said...

you just don't have enough "swoosh" for fashion chuck lol

valphish said...

Wow, fashion is crazy.  I would hate to go out in any of those dresses...too revealing and I would not want to be lifting my dress all night.  Fashion trends..pleck...give me my sweats or p.j.'s.  I like your choice, Chuck. xox