Sunday, December 11, 2005


I have been demoted from santa claus to fourth reindeer on the right in the christmas parade. Instead of santa hat, I will wear antlers.  However, there are no small parts, only small actors, so I will do my part magnificently, prancing and dancing with tiny feet upon whatever rooftop I am assigned. 

   I know how my Godfather, Richard Arlen, must have felt late in his career. once the most highly paid actor in Hollywood, having to take roles as the behind-the-lines General, backing up the likes of Gary Cooper and John Wayne on the battlefield.  If he had been asked to wear antlers, he would have worn them proudly. (He must have been proud... never played the "heavy", the villian, until he was Donovan and had his brain stolen. Then his being "bad" was not the character's fault, he had, in fact, someone else's brain.  How's that for acting, a good guy with a bad guys brain?)   

   Who, in fact was the fourth reindeer on the right? Blitzen.  Blitzen means "lightning".  I can do that. Proud reindeer holding his antlers high like lightning rods. Gathering his flying power from the sky.  I wonder if my scooter is up to the task?


jckfrstross said...

A reindeer huh please get photos:)


bamawmn46 said...

Blitzen....  He is a strong and mighty reindeer, very proud.....  You'll make a wonderful Blitzen!!  Yes, share pics with us!!