Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tag According to Hoyle

Official rules for "tag":
1. After supper ask your mother for permission to go out and play.
2. Go find the gang at the vacent lot next to Jimmy's.
3. Join the discussion "How you make a baby"
4. Suddently whallop someone and say, "Tag. You're IT."
5. "IT" is it until he tags someone else, but by now everyone has scattered.
6. When "it" tags someone else, that kid is "it" until he tags someone.
7. The game continues until someone gets tagged too hard and starts to cry.
8. In the unlikely event that no one cries, the game is called when the street lights come on and everyone has to go home.
Variation: Regular tag gets boring in about four minutes, so an alternative is "touch tag" wherein "it" has to hold his hand on the spot where he was tagged. It is great fun to see "it" running around with his hand on his butt where he was tagged, trying to tag someone with his one free hand
(Rules copyright by Hoyle, Inc.)
Official Rules for Blog-tag.
Blog-tag is more like "Truth or Dare" or "I Double Dare You" than kid's tag. In Blog-tag, darers go first. 
1. Think of some kind of list of personal questions that will reveal something about a person. If it is just a little risque, that is all right. That adds to the "fun". Asking the most public place you ever made love is all right.  Asking which hand you wipe with is NOT.
2. Since "Darers go first", list your questions and answer them in your Blog.
3. Now, publicly name a Blogger you know and "tag" him.
4. Send the victim an email saying, "Tag, you're IT".
(Rules of Blog-tag submitted to Hoyle, but ignored.)
Karen has tagged me and sent me two dares. Since she answered the questions in her journal, I am officially challenged. Her challenges
1. List ten things that make you happy.
2. List five "quirky" things about yourself.
You can read her answers in her journal.(Link)
The rules do not say I have to do them all at once. Sounds like enough material here for a whole series of entries. So watch this journal for answers in the future. The first will be the next entry, Called Things that make me happy -- Flying my Own Airplane

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mavarin said...

I knew you'd make something particularly amusing of this!  And I REALLY look forward to your flying entry.