Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Gaggle of Goofs

Grandmother used to say, "Good news comes singly, and bad news comes in threes".  Im not so sure about that, but today acomplishments came singly and goofs came in threes, or more, vertitble gaggles.

Woke this morning at four to watch the shuttle blast off.  Had trouble finding the AOL multiple camera viewing site, and when I did it was blank, except for a notice "Facility overloaded".  Oh well, a pen pal discovered me online and IM'd me.  And that was wonderful.  We IM'd for about two hours, chatting about life, love, and the price of beans in Mexico.  Well, no, that is a figure of speech, we discussed no beans. I was so captivated in fact that I forgat all about the launch of Discovery.

We chatted until I went to breakfast, starting my chain of goofs, by leaving the computer on and on AOL.  Thus I blocked my fone line all morning long.  So when I returned I started to write an email.  Wrote a full page attached a picture, and then it vanished.  Error two.

I didn't want to do it over so started for a soothing Starbucks cooler. Took my camera to take photos for Blog.  The office manager intercepted me.  "Oh, chuck, I haven't receive your July rent."

Me: what?  Of course you have, in June.  But a check of my records shows I didn't pay rent.  So I go pay rent with late fee added on.  Error three.

So on I go to Starbucks and get my pallative.  I take it to the lawn and the shade of large tree.  There I sip and there I decide to take a picture.  What?  No camera.  Oh well, error four.

Now I return to my room and look for camera. Cannot find it.  Oh, here it is, in my pocket, I had it all the time.  Error five.

Bad news doesn't necessarily come in threes, Grandmother.  Sometimes it comes in fives, or whole gaggles.


mavarin said...

Yes, I have days like that all the time! - Karen

plieck30 said...

Hope you have more good then gaggles tomorrow, Paula

judypearllove said...

I have that same thing it's called CRS stands for "can't remember shi--! "

fisherkristina said...

Just one of those days I guess.


fitzzer said...

What a day! I've always heard bad news comes in 3's but the first part about good news is news to me. Makes perfect sense though doesn't it? Hope you have a good one today - at least your 3's are done, so you should be set for the next few! ~ Lori

ryanagi said...

Murphy was kicking your butt that day, for sure!