Saturday, July 30, 2005

Karen says she is making plans to go, once again, to Disneyland, her favorite vacation spot.  She will probably see those happy little people, the Seven Dwarfs.

I got to wondering how the seven of them got along for so many centuries until Snow White came along. They were terrible housekeepers she discovered. They were barely hygenic, they washed in a trough outside the cabin door.  "Step up to the tub, aint no disgrace, jest scoop up some water and rub it on your face and go BRRR BRRR  BRRR."

Then I decided it was team work.  Each had his role in the Septal society.  Here is how I see them:

The Seven Dwarfs

A caricature of personalities

All: fun loving, hard working, cooperative, short, overweight. Here is their hierarchy and order of succession.

Doc: Assertive, gives the orders naturally, decisively   Tolerant, accepts the other’s whims and foibles

Grumpy: Pessimist, observes the negatives, expects them  Pleased when things go wrong so he can say “I told you so”

Happy: Optimist, expects the best, observes the best in things

Sneezy: Hypochondriac. Allergies and ailments are his specialty  The acting physician of the dwarfs

Bashful : Obsequious*, polite, shy, mediator in dwarfs’ disagreements

Sleepy : Always tired, lethargic, works with others, but slowly

Dopey : Willing, always on the go, but always scatter brained and wrong

* ob·se·qui·ous
Pronunciation: &b-'sE-kwE-&s, äb-
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, compliant, from Latin obsequiosus, from obsequium compliance, from obsequi to comply, from ob- toward + sequi to follow

Date: 15th century
: marked by or exhibiting a fawning attentiveness

POST SCRIPT.  Honey Bea makes a comment below>> I always thought that the seven dwarfs somewhat represented all the differnt sides of our  own persinalies.
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My gosh, she's right.  Never noticed that before.


mavarin said...

You mean, Snow White's friends are a work team in the organizational behavior sense???  Ack! - Karen

kateh2ocolorart said...

Bashful : Obsequious*, polite, shy, mediator in dwarfs’ disagreements


fisherkristina said...

funny entry!


hunybea4him said...

Personaly I think DisneyLand is evil lol

I always thought that the seven dwarfs somewhat represented all the differnt sides of our  own persinalies.

robinngabster said...

I fit the Sleepy discription! Fun entry!!1

onestrangecat said...

love this entry.


emfeasel said...

:)  Elizabeth

fitzzer said...

What a great entry. I never looked at them this way. Thx! it was fun ~ Lori

princesssaurora said...

I loved your entry Chuck and they do represent our personalities which is what you were saying!


Be well,

jckfrstross said...

Thanks for sharing that about the dwarfs lol it is so true