Friday, November 5, 2004

Geek Needed

Are any of you BLOGGERS in J-LAND also GEEKS?

I asked that a computer programmer tell me how to make a MACRO so I could post a link to my journal in comments and e-mail with one key stroke. 

Up until now, I have to pull down the "favorites" menu, select my journal, call it up for editing, copy the URL, close it, and then paste it on whatever I'm writing. 

Sepintx has told me how to do it.  Thank you Sepintx.  Read his answer in the comments below



madmanadhd said...

Rats, can't help you there. I've been having technolgy issues with my journal, can't seem to post images like I want to and I'd like to jazz up the background. If I find a blogging geek (gee that almost sounds obscene) I'll let you know.

valphish said...

I wondered the same thing when I first started my journal.  Then I memorized my URL and just type it quickly now, but it IS a hassle.  I am trying to figure out the same thing, though.  Is there an easier way than typing it every time??  Let me know if you figure this out!  Hugs, Val

sieblonde said...

If anyone finds that computer geek, let me know.  There are a lot of changes I'd like to make to my site and can't.  It's getting frustrating, that's for sure.  ~Sie

sepintx said...

Right now there is not a type of "Comment Signature" like AOL e-mail signatures. Would be a nice feature.

You can set up an e-mail signature in AOL.
Click "Write" like you were going to create a new e-mail.
In AOL 9.0 on the lower right corner is the "signature tab"
You can select to create a signature by clicking that tab.
For mine I use the whole Journal address in my e-mail signature.

If you are using AOL 9.0 you can place a link to your Journal in the AOL Toolbar. Just visit your Journal and then click the heart to add your Journal to the Toolbar.
Adding to the toolbar will save a mouse click as your Journal link should be visable to click on without opening your AOL favorite places.

When I am comenting, I open my journal and then I copy the entire address from the web browser address box. Once you copy a link, your computer holds that copied information until you copy something else.

I can then just paste that into a comment like this:

If you have the whole address, AOL Journals will make it into a clickable link. When I add it in comments, I don't see the clickable link, just the address.

I also use the mouse to copy and paste. Hold down the right mouse button and a small menu opens. You can use those commands to copy and to paste.

That's pretty much how I get around with the comments and the links.