Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving Day Assignment

John Scalzi asks us to show our stash of pocket change.  We all have one.  They grow and grow. Once I let one grow to over $300.  Then I moved.  It took three days of wrapping and trips to the bank, and I still had a carton of coins to move.

The stash in the picture was gathered from around the apartment, a cup o' coins here, a coffee can there.  I'm not going to count it. I'm not going to spend it either.  Too much trouble.  I used to let the grandchildren dig into it and pocket as much as they could hold in their hands.  But they're too big for that nowadays.  (Their hands are too big, too.)

John asks what he should do with his stash.  I'd say, keep it, put it in a bigger can, and then a shoe box, and then a trunk if need be. Let the grandchildren dig into it. Think how big a pile there will be when he has grandchildren.   

You can't spend it until you count and wrap it, and that's more trouble than it's worth.

Money is such a burden.


valphish said...

Interesting, Chuck!  My daughter and I just wrapped about $700 worth of change for my parents.  It wasn't so bad.  I am still thinking what to recommend to him for his change.  Wonder if he should give it to Athena or maybe charity.  Hmm... Neat picture!!

kraztweety2 said...

My Dad has been saving for years to go on a cruise with my mother. He uses one of those water jugs you get from sparkletts water or whatever. He has filled it up several times and we have rolled all $2,000 worth and he still has not taken my Mom on a cruise. He is waiting to get about $5,000. We hope it will be soon. He loves to watch the money go into it. LOL  

kateh2ocolorart said...

Hi Dad,
We learned a cool idea for small change.  The airline we flew to the UK has a little envelope to put your small change in which they donate to various international charities for children.  They tell you at the end of the flight about the charity of the day.  You can donate change from ANY currency.  So, we emptied our pockets of U.S. coin on the way over, and those pesky pound and pence coins that most currency exchanges don't like, on the way back!

Imagine....SOMEONE has to sort, count and "roll" ALL that change from hundreds of currencies!!  Now THERE's a job YOU wouldn't like!