Thursday, November 11, 2004


Uncle John Scalzi asks, if we could choose any singer past or present to sing us any song, what would we choose?

I'd ask John Gary to sing More.  (More than the stars could ever know)  It is the epitome of love songs. Never mind asking why, I was in l=o=v=e.

The doesn't explain my second choice: Frank Sinatra to sing The Music Stopped (but we went on dancing). All the teen-aged girls went nuts over Frank, but I was a soldier in uniform, for gosh sakes, but I almost fainted when I heard the first bars of that song in amovie at the base movie theater.  I feigned composure and told my buddies merely, "He's almost as good as Bing Crosby." I didn't want to get my ass whipped for being a sissy boy..


ann7inflorida said...

LOL "sissy boy" too funny! Great entry!!!! : )

sieblonde said...

John Gary.  I wonder how many even recognize that name.  Didn't he do a wonderful rendition of "Moon River"?  ~Sie.  

ryanagi said...

"More"! I love that song... great choice!

sylviam4000 said...

No you are not a sissy Chuck....just a guy with a heart. By the way, I have remembered to bring my own beverage...a good old English cuppa (strong tea with plenty of sugar).

chellebelle1977 said...

I dont think that you are a sissy I just think that you have REALLY GOOD TASTE
great choices