Monday, November 15, 2004

No Account

Money Magazine says accountants are the most needed college trainees. 

I had always wanted to be a news or newsreel photographer.  In high school I established a school newsreel with an 8mm camera and showed it in the school auditorium. Oh, how I would have loved a video camera.  They weren't to be invented for thirty years.

I was wounded in WWII and I had to re-examine my career choice.  I figured a one-legged school teacher would do better in his profession than a one-legged newsreel photographer.

So I was an okay teacher.  I used photography in my teaching as much as I could making aids, and class projects.  But my heart was in photography.

I often wonder what if I had gone ahead with my original plan.  It might have worked out anyway. 

Accounting has nothing with this entry.  A good school teacher should have noticed that.


poetmom1968 said...

Even though your heart was set on something else, from what I've learned about you in your journal, I think you probably made the best teacher.  "Teacher" fits you.:)  I think we all wonder about what life would have been like if we walked another path.  I bet you have some touching stories within your years of being a teacher.

ryanagi said...

It's funny. I think most of us are one thing in our hearts, but wearing the hat of something else on our heads. I have the photography bug myself. I dream of turning it into a career of some sort. Maybe someday. I've got a few good years left in me. So do you! Have you thought about documenting your life there in photos? Maybe a digital camera would spice things up a bit? ;-)

valphish said...

LOL  I would love to be a photographer myself.  Don't have the money to get it all started.  Don't have the health either.  It is in my heart, though.  As well as being an artist.  That last sentence was not a complete sentence.  A good teacher would have noticed that :-).  Have a good day, Chuck!

sylviam4000 said...

I think most of us would have done something different with our lives, if we are honest. But would that 'something different' have made us happy? I doubt it. It is just a case of 'The grass being greener'. Enjoyed the chat. Be happy.

lacaza3 said...

Why dont we live our dreams?  I never have done what I wanted to either..
Sometomes I feel like I have never really lived just existed...Maks me sad if I think about it

Donna In TEXAS