Monday, November 22, 2004

Soul Mate

I have just found my soul mate.  There she is, half my age, a continent away, Krissy Fisher.  She says in her journal Sometimes I think, that her favorite cereal is grits. Until I read that I was the only person I knew who liked grits.

But let's call 'em by the name they are called in the south: "gree-uts", spoken as a two syllable word.  What are they, we have been asked.  I'd say they are "cream of wheat", mush, made with corn.

Some folks eat 'em with milk and sugar, but we purists eat 'em with butter.  But if you live in the north or west of this wonderful country, fugeddabodit.  You just won't find 'em. 

Now, Krissy, it may be too much to hope for, but do you like Parsnips?  Hot buttered parsnips.  Oh, my, ambrosia.


poetmom1968 said...

My mom loves grits (gree-uts).  She's from the South though.  I've had them, they're not my favorite.  But I'm a Northerner.  I like plain old oatmeal myself.:)

sylviam4000 said...

As you probably saw from my comment in Krissy's journal 'Sometimes I think'. coming from the UK I didn't know what grits were. But parsnips, now you are talking my language. I love them roasted, cooked with a joint of meat. Delicious.

maidothemist said...

LOL I love grits- but I eat them with cheese or meat sauce..

lacaza3 said...

I love turnip greens also I love grits also...I also love french fries and cream gravy

donna In TEXAS

fisherkristina said...

Just came over to check out your journal Chuck.  Sure I like parsnips. -Krissy

valphish said...

I love grits and parsnips!!!!!!!  ~Valeris is waving her hands and jumping up and down~ Parsnips are great cooked with butter and salt and pepper also!!!  I love grits with butter and salt and pepper, too!!!!  Well, Krissy and I grew up in the same house!  Yummmmmmmy! Parsnips are one of my favorites!  You are making me so hungry, Chuck!

bookncoffee said...

Cheese grits - we fancy them up.  We even have them for dinner.