Saturday, November 13, 2004

Guilty as charged

Scott Peterson is guilty.  And people are cheering?

Something is wrong here. This should be a solemn occasion.  The facts have been weighed, and God Help Us, the people have chosen as best they could to reconstruct the history of the sad event, death of two innocent folks.

We should be saying soberly, "Sorry, Scott, but as near as we can tell, you have done wrong.  We regret that we have to punish you, but in society's interest, we must."

But cheering?  Not me.  The cheering the verdict and the jeering of Scott's family makes me ill.

Justice is served but wallowing in revenge is inapropriate.


sieblonde said...

This is a tough subject.   I think it's because these days you never know what the verdict will be in cases; and this case was such a horrific crime.  The reaction (in my opinion) was one of justice served and relief, expressed inappropriately.  ~Sie

chasferris said...

I think the comment below put it more susinctly than I did in my entry, above.

poetmom1968 said...

My husband and I saw the "cheering" crowds on the news.  We were a bit disturbed also.  It's just sad all the way around.  A horrible thing happened, justice was served, but cheering just seemed wrong to me.

esalansky said...

I tottally understand about the whole cheering thing, although i did not see it, i dont see why people would be cheering, the whole situation is sad really,  i am glad justice was served.

valphish said...

I liked the first comment in your comments here.  People don't know what to do and say when things are so horrific and last this long.  The court was in her home state.  I, too, was horrified by the cheering.  I was stunned.  I felt so sad for Scott's family.  I generally don't believe in retribution, either.  I just think we need to keep "bad apples" away from spoiling the whole barrel.  Of course, no one has killed my daughter.  Good entry

theresemshaffer said...

I think the cheering had to do with the fact that so many people were afraid that Scott  Peterson would literally get away with murder due to the lack of real "concrete" pun intended.  The masses were merely relieved it was't another O. J., where someone else got off "Scott free!", pun intended.  Anyhow, justice was served and America is safer from another sociopath.