Thursday, December 23, 2004

Maybe Ill vote for the cat

Lost: One Future Vote

   A congresswoman from Southern California has sent me a gorgeous Christmas card, color printed on fine heavy stock She is beautiful, a smart dresser, and poses with her cat, Gretzky. It was printed by a unionized print shop. She is just the kind of representative I would vote for IF I could, but I live five hundred miles from her district.

   Why is she wasting money so blatantly? Why the extravagance? She must be covering the whole state with her cards. She may be looking ahead to some future statewide office. She wants me to remember her name, and I will. I will remember her as a spendthrift, extravagant, big spender. Just the kind of politician I DON’T want handling my tax dollars.

1 comment:

valphish said...

Hmmm...interesting, yes, vote for the cat!!  That is a turn-off for me as well! xox