Tuesday, December 14, 2004

My workstation (Before) --Photo Scavenger Hunt



As requested, my computer station, as is, come-as-you-are, before you straighten it up for its portrait.

No chair, I roll right up in my wheel chair to the table. I face my Hewlett-Packard Pavilion 510n, about 1990 model, and tap out my journals or read yours.  When I pause to think I look up at my daughter's painting, Odyssey II, and enjoy the abstractions I find in it.

It cracked me up to look at this photo.  I never noticed that messy tangle of wires beneath the table until I saw it printed.

As for the second part of the assignment, (How it looks when straightened up for its portrait) that will have to wait until someday when, or if, I straighten it up. Check back next year sometime.


valphish said...

Chuck, I decided that I am only going to do a "Before" picture as well.  I just don't feel like cleaning my statin up!  Yours looks so much cleaner than mine!  What a nice picture your daughter painted!  My computer is on a similar type table as yours.  Very interesting!  Thanks for the glimpse into your life!

lacaza3 said...

Isnt it funny what we dont see until we take a picture and look at it from the outside in...When I was overweight I would trick my mind into thinking I wasnt so big but..then someone would take a picture and I would think dang am I that big:-)
Donna In TEXAS

ryanagi said...

Hmm. Making mental note to send Chuck some of my pretty rainbow colored cable ties. ;-)

sylviam4000 said...

Hope my Hewlett Packard has as long a life as yours Chuck! Love the painting.

fisherkristina said...

I like your work station.  You have a big table like I do.  Makes for a lot of room that way. -Krissy

sarajanesmiles said...

I could do with a bigger desk, like yours!!
I love your daughters painting, wow, would spend much time gazing at that too if it were above my desk!!  
Sara   x