Friday, January 7, 2005

Griff meets snow Assignment 42

When my constant companion, Griff, an eight year old Golden Retreiver, and I moved from California to Missouri, he had never seen snow.  One morning an unseasonally early storm dumped massive amounts of snow overnight.  As soon as the streets were cleared I took Griff for his usual ride to the park for a walk.

When we arrived at his favorite spot, the park was, from his point of view, gone!  I hadn't known that a dog's face could show expressions such as bewilderment, but his did. 

Cautiously he dismounted from the van and stepped gingerly into the cold stuff.  In a matter of seconds he changed from bewilderment to sheer joy.

He rolled on the ground and made strange shaped snow angels. He ran down a slope, kicking snow in front of him, and then chased the snowslide he started.  He ran to the "squirrel tree" and looked for squirrels to chase, but they were busy hibernating.

We had many delightful snow adventures that winter, but that was the most fun.

Extra credit:  The "first dog" Barney has his own website.  They were playing Sleigh ride and that reminded me to make this entry about Winter.  Other Winter favorites are Winter Wonderland and Baby It's Cold Outside.


sylviam4000 said...

Like the bit about the "Snow Angels".

lorileeboard said...

Love your doggy story.  My baby loved his first snow experience.  He buried his face in it, then popped his head up, his face covered with snow and a look of "This is GREAT" in his eyes.  I'll never forget that!!  Thanks for sharing.  

valphish said...

ah, this gave me the biggest smile!!  Loved this story, Chuck! xox

ryanagi said...

Good one! Dogs and snow...almost as much fun as cats and snow. ;-)

mavarin said...

Night before last I was looking at pictures of Jenny Dog in the snow.  I don't think Tuffy's ever seen snow on the ground.

I've REALLY got to add you to my links.  I always enjoy your entries!


kraztweety2 said...

Chuck, I was worried about you. You haven't had an entry since before Christmas and it was a scarey one. I thought you were found by the burglar man or something :*-(   I am glad you have returned and told us such a great story. I miss my toy poodle. When he played in the snow he usually sunk. Since he was only about 3 inches tall. What a beautiful memory. Take Care. Jen.