Sunday, January 23, 2005

An Open Book

It is nice to have someone who can read me better than I can read myself.  I have been sitting at the computer this morning, falling asleep.  I shake my head and read on.  I remember that I had thought yesterday about taking a Sunday Drive today.  The major part of the country is blizzard locked, so taking advantage of California climate ought to be a good idea.  But, if one is tired?

I called my girl friend and asked if she would like to take a Sunday drive.  "If you want to," she said. "You don't sound like you want to go."

Hmm, she is right, I thought I wanted to go, but somehow, pleasant winter weather notwithstanding, I think I'd rather wait.  She suggested  "We can go another time."  Bless her heart.  She made it possible for me to read myself.

It is nice to have someone in tune with me, in sync. I am glad to be read.


jeanno43 said...

Hubby and I are just like that.  It is nice and it is special. I have added a link to your journal on mine, hope you do not mind.

sylviam4000 said...

It's lovely when you have that special someone who really knows you. Lost my special someone 5 years ago, when he was diagnosed and on a big 'high', sadly he has never recovered properly. Been together since I was 15, am nearly 58 now.

valphish said...

What a lovely entry.  It is so nice when we have someone else to give us permission to be mirror us.  I don't have that special someone.  I used to.  Hope to find someone again...  Take care, Chuck! xox