Sunday, January 9, 2005

Swimming Upstream

Got an idea for an entry to be called Swimming Upstream.  Will work on it, but will take a while.  Drop back, say tomorrow.  Got the idea from Groovynoodles who misses Christmas music which is not playing in January.  The rest of us were sick of it by New Years Eve.

Also she told her daughter in a recent entry: Me:  "Ya know, when I first found out you were a girl, I was so excited!  I thought when you got a little bit older we could go get tattoos or piercings or something.  You're no fun."

Furthermore, her daughter has a science teacher that is so bad that it should be to her credit to get a bad grade.  That is opposite of normal. Gothdaughter is swimming upstream too.

And I, I actually like broccoli.  The rest of the world either tolerates broccoli or spits it out. And those little hated cabbages, Brussels Sprouts, I love.  I eat some raw on the way home from the market, and have been known to make a whole dinner of them only.  I am swimming upstream too.

And my tablemate in the old folks home, Wilma, longs for the days of speakeasys when one had to say "Joe Sent me" at the door to get in.  That is swimming upstream-   longing for a club where you have to know somebody to get inl  Most of us would rebel at that.Wilma was told in college that "We don't want women in the Journalism department here.  We will flunk you out."  She graduated in spite of that.  Also Wilma, who was born in California, hates the uniquely California product: avocados.  Ironic isn't it?

Or take the case of Alice Cheng, who is a brilliant brain trapped in a teenagers body. Isn’t that challenging enough? Now, add that the body is a girls’ in this male oriented society, is overweight in diet conscious America, is Asian in minority-wary population, and is completely urban in temperament in provincial Oregon, (Where’s Oregon?) and you can see what tides she has to swim against.

Cherie LIKES loading the dishwasher.

Donna likes steamed cabbage and broccoli with garlic butter. That is not exactly the conventional view of a tasty dish. Donnaadds that she eats cookie dough, but ignores the actual cookies.

Penguine came home and found her cats had ignored the food in their dish and torn open the cat food bag, and were lined up to steal food and scatter it on the kitchen floor. Conventional wisdom would cause the cats to be exiled to the back yard at least, but Penguine was amused.

Swimming upstream notions will be those notions that we individuals have that are opposite of the popular view.  I will be searching your journals to see how you are bucking the current. Are you making headway, or are you going down for the third time.

Hey, it will be fun.  Join me here soon.


lacaza3 said...

I love broccoli steamed with garlic butter...I like brussel sprouts to but they make me stinkey :-)
I love steamed cabbage also not popular person when I eat that also...
I love cookie dough instead of the acutally cookie...
I'm a werid sort I know
Donna In TEXAS

sylviam4000 said...

I have spent my life swimming against the tide. Shouldn't be too hard to thinkof a few instances without any stretch of the imagination.

mavarin said...

Great idea!  I look forward to reading it.  

I was going to say more here, but I think I'm going to incorporate it into an odds-and-ends posting instead.


poetmom1968 said...

Ha,ha... I like your "upstream" tidbits.  A neat idea.  And I love broccoli, cooked or raw.  Brussel Sprouts, Asparagus...I like it all. :)

groovynoodles said...

What a great entry this is!

Just wanted to let you know...  I found a work-around for my Christmas music.  I loaded it up on my mp3 player.  My kids groaned while I was cooking dinner tonight, singing Silver Bells with my headphones on.

And Goth Daughter's Science teacher?  This one still perplexes me to no end.  She gets a D on the final.  But got an A on her report card.  I'm too confused to fight the grade on the final with her.

Love your journal!  And thanks for visiting mine.  :)