Saturday, June 23, 2007

Found on the Hard Drive

I found this in the computer file, and I paste here, unedited.

My next keyboard will have 16 syncable arpeggiators. I don’t know what they are even. Musicians’ Friend; the company I bought my present keyboard from, offers them on a new keyboard. They are so new that even the spell checker rejects both words

I love it when Roddy inserts an arpeggio of some sort. Imagine what fun I could have with 16 built in arpeggios. Do they have names I wonder... The Jackson Five, the Chico Marx, the Jose Iturbi, the Music Man, the Rolling Stones.

I used to run my hand up the keyboard and that was called an arpeggio. Chico Marx used to roll an orange up and down the keyboard for effect. Jazzbo used to get so excited that he whacked the piano keyboard with his feet. It wasn’t musical, but it made the audience laugh. Could I do that with my next keyboard?

Another question. Could it be that I spend too much hot weather indoors at the computer fantasying about my musical abilities.

Bertha and I went shopping at Long's drug store. We had only fly swatters on our shopping list. We bought $58 worth of stuff and when we got home found we had forgotten fly swatters. We had a marvelous array of cookies, appliances, ant killers, but no fly swatters.

Sugar did not deter the ants around here. I concluded the "sugaring" of ants experiment. Now I am thoroughly modern. I put Comet on them. They, it is reported, do not like the chlorinated powder on their little feet. I wonder if this is just another old wives tale. I will report on phase two of the ants experiment.

Meanwhile I got great joy with the leaf blower. I was blowing the driveway clear of juniper berries, leaves, and pebbles from my wheel chair, and I found that I could send an ant hill and thousands of ants flying through the atmosphere. When they come down, say, in Victorville or Barstow, they will have trouble finding their way home to our driveway.

I hate ants. They have an organized society, like bees, and have perfected socialism. So, hooray for them. I am unorganized, and prefer it that way, and I hate ants.


madcobug said...

Hummm, now you recon how that got on your hard drive. By the way. I hate ants also. Helen

hewasolddog299 said...

Life was certainly interesting then, wasn't it?