Saturday, June 2, 2007

A Pretty Place to Live

I live in an old folks home, but it is a PRETTY old folks home.


There are several rose gardens.  One contains "our" rose bush, the one we have followed from twig to second blooming.  Here it is today with the second crop of blossoms and in the upper left corner, lots of buds which will bloom soon.


There are two inside courtyards with flowers.


Also in the inside courtyards are orange trees.  Look at this crop of oranges.  They are lovely to look at, although the winter frost has made most of those gorgeous oranges rather juiceless.


I was elected to "baby sit" the garden club's tray of seedlings. I squirt the little shoots with a spray bottle on this week end when the regular squirter is away on a trip.


jocalodave said...

Let's clarify the distinction between babysitting seedlings and babysitting actual children.

As you note, in the former enterprise, one "squirts the little shoots" while in the latter instance one is inclined to "shoot the little squirts."


chasferris said...

Ah, Dave, (see comment below) such puns. But wonderful to hear from you so quickly.  I just posted this entry.

plieck30 said...

I am so glad they have you as a squirter when the regular one is away. An important job that is. I should know I do it every day. lol Yes you do have a pretty place to live according to the pictures. Paula

tellsg said...

It does look lovely where you live Chuck.  Temporary squirter, eh?  Thats going to look good on your cv.  Hugs, Terry x

ggjack7 said...

Chuck do you think you'll ever get a promotion? LOL  I think it's great, you can tell your garden is kept with loving care, beautiful roses and if the oranges are juiceless do you still get the fragrance?  gg

tendernoggle said...

Hi Chuck,
Hope you had a good breakfast this Sunday morning!
I those pictures..Sounds like your place is a nice pretty place to live...I love those roses..and I have never seen an orange tree in my thanks for letting me see one!
Hope today is a good day for you,
love ya,

madcobug said...

Good for you doing the squirting to keep those plants alive until the regular person gets back. Those roses and the orange tree are very pretty. I have never seen a live orange tree. Helen