Thursday, June 21, 2007

Two From Under the Car Seat

   I don't clean out my car often enough.  When I did today, I found a packet of pictures under the seat.  They were dated 2004. That means it has been three years since I last looked under the seat.

   In the packet were two pictures I cannot remember.  The first shows me dressed for some activity here at the old folks home.  It was either Hawaiian Day or Funny Hat Day.  I am not sure which of these applies to my strange get up.  Don't you wish you lived here with the exciting program of dress ups that we have.


I must have taken the second picture myself.  Only the automatic timer would have snapped such a goofy expression.  I seem to be saying, "Wait a minute.  I'm not ready yet."


I plan to put the pictures back in the packet, and the packet back under the seat for another three years.


msecz said...

are these the 2 you paid 62cents for?

plieck30 said...

Okkkk   Paula

tendernoggle said...

Lord have mercy Chuck...Can't wait to hear about the top one!!! lol

madcobug said...

Now don't you look so handsome in the first picture LOL. I do hope whatever day it was that you enjoyed yourself. Helen

jmorancoyle said...

    Hey, nice gams!

valphish said...

Oh cool!  I like that you are putting it back under the seat.  I wonder what you will think in three years??  LOL