Saturday, June 9, 2007

Shocking Fruit

On the way out of the dining room, I reached into the fruit bowl and selected a nice red winesap apple.

Later I took a big bite of "apple" and was shocked..."What's the matter with this apple?"  It was wrong flavor, wrong color, wrong texture.  Curious I took another bite.  It was a NECTARINE.

It was a perfectly good Nectarine, only, I had expected apple. The shock came from expecting one thing and getting something different.

I was reminded of the time a dinner guest, unfamiliar with my Grandmother's cuisine, took a great spoonful of mayonnaise from the top of his Jello salad, and while I watched in amusement, put it in his mouth.  He let out a yell as though he had been shot. 

Since it was on Jello, he thought he was about to taste whipped cream, and instead got the tart bite of mayo. There is nothing wrong with mayo, except when you are expecting whipped cream.



frankandmary said...

I love apples & nectarines. I would have been quite happy it wasn't a waxed fruit.

bamawmn46 said...

Reminds me of a tale when I was a kid.... mom had mashed turnips and they looked like 'thin' mashed potatoes. Sister, not realizing they were just a little different or not really thinking about it, took out a huge helping. Mom, dad and I all waited.... she took a bite and SHOCK! Turnips instead of mashed potatoes!!  Hehehe.... I still have to laugh about it!  

madcobug said...

I was expecting you to say it was waxed fruit hee hee. Helen

tendernoggle said... helen thought you had gotten hold of a wax fruit!!! lol
love ya,