Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Before When

What started the universe?   The concept "It has always been. It had no beginning." is inconcieveable.

And if there was a beginning, what was before that?

And if you say God, or some unnamed force or entity, created it, where was God, or that force, before the universe was created?

It boggles the mind, but I just got called to breakfast. I can think about pancakes instead of the universe.


mawmellow said...

Pancakes can almost make as much questions and decisions as the them plain, or with butter, and/or with syrup and what type of syrup, etc, etc....see the list goes on and on ! Have a great day :)

garnett109 said...

Kind of like the meaning of life?

plieck30 said...

Humm I just wrote about pancakes too. Yes that question can delve up a lot of thoughts and questions. Paula

jocalodave said...

Well, I think I have a pretty good idea, Chuck.

Before the beginning, there were a couple of previews and a cartoon. If the universe were beginning today, there'd be a lot more previews, several commercials and no cartoon; but the universe started in the good old days.

As for what started it, that would be The Projectionist.

Things used to be more complicated (double features, intermission and ushers with special flashlights [remember that part about dark?]), but the basics are pretty simple.

Be sure to save your ticket stub -- there will be a drawing.

valphish said...

You think too much like me... LOL xox