Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cat on a Quilt

Krissy in Sometimes I Think, tells about her "healing cat" on her bed. Check it out.  But my cat on the bed story is different.

I had a cat trying to snuggle up to me on my bed in the complete darkness, lying on top of the satin quilt.  Rather than being pleased I wanted the cat off the bed.  I sat up and slid the cat to the edge of the bed.

If you have experimented with static electricity you know that cat fur and satin fabric are somehow opposite polarity, and rubbing them creates an electric differential that sparks.

As I slid the cat across the quilt, I was astounded to see a complete outline of the cat in blue flame. The cat didn't seem to mind the electric discharge, but she did mind having to get off the bed.

I laughed so hard at the phenomenon that I had trouble going back to sleep.


madcobug said...

Poor Kitty. Going up in flames. You needed a picture of that. Anyway you had a good laugh. Laughing makes a person feel good. Maybe you need to run the cover in a dryer wirh a with couple of sheets of dryer sheets with a damp towel to see if that helps. If you have access to one. Don't wash but fluff on a few min of delicate in the delicate cycle. Helen

bamawmn46 said...

How funny!!! I would have cracked up tooooooo!

plittle said...

Given the cat in the nursing home recently in the news, I'd have kicked the damn thing the hell of the bed, too!

valphish said...

awwww, I love my kitty sleeping with me.  He helps my muscles.  Wow, outlined in blue, huh.  I don't think I would want that much static electricity going though me.  My sisters and I used to play a game with static electricity.  We used to line up, five of us, finger to finger.  One with socks would shuffle their feet on the carpet and touch the first person and we would see if it would make it to the last.  It always did.  LOL  Interesting.  We weren't outlined in blue, though.  LOL  Love, Val xox