Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Day (or two) Late

A few days before Dave Burke (<- Link to check him out) started on his meandering year long trip around the perimeter of the United States, he came to my room to see if we could invent a theme song for his use on his Pod-casts.

We noodled around for a while but came up with nothing definitive.  I am not sure he ever found one, nor whether he is keeping up the pod casts at all.  I believe he said he had abandoned them.

Yesterday I was idling some time at the keyboard and punched in a catchy bouncy hillbilly rhythm and seemed to go just fine for a home spun travelogue.  Then I assumed the role of Dave in a voice-over introduction: "Hi, I'm Dave Burke, and I'm traveling around the United States meeting lots of friendly folks.  Here's what I did yesterday..."  And the music continues in the background and imaginary Dave tells what he observed. 

"Hey, Dave," I thought, "I've got it...just the very thing for your podcast."

But then I remembered, Dave's already on his way home. 


garnett109 said...

ok who is dave burke?

garnett109 said...

ok who is dave burke?

jocalodave said...

  Who, indeed, is Wandering Dave?
  He's the fellow I've been looking for these past ten months.
  I set out to prove one person could become a "mobile media mogul," producing all kinds of Internet content while on the road. But that job proved to be daunting -- and the audience wasn't forthcoming (with the exception of a small cadre of web-savvy folks like Chuck -- who seem to get something out of watching my portable train wreck...
  I'm in the home stretch, more or less -- less than 60 days remaining on the road (of 360 total). I won't be needing any traveling music, Chuck, but a "catchy, bouncy hillbilly rhythm" sounds just about perfect.

rocrebelgranny said...

The last I heard he was in Houston but he's probably halfway across Texas by now.