Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thinking Caps Please

I need an idea for a conceptual art project for the Old Folks Home where I live.  Christmas is past, and we are about to grow stale. No one likes stale old people.

Conceptual Art can be anything inspirational, and unusual is better.  Think of Christo and his hundreds of umbrellas dotting the hillside, or his arches in Central Park, or his miles long Running Wall of Muslin.  Totally useless, except as an art project. 

A New York artist conceived the idea of having a crowd of viewers gather on his Manhattan rooftop one morning to watch for his conceptual art.  When they had gathered they noted at a woman had come onto a rooftop of a neighboring building and begun hula hooping.  Then another appeared on another building, hula hooping, and then another on a third. The hoopers kept appearing on various rooftops until twenty were visible, all hooping merrily. 

That's conceptual art.

Now, what in the world can I do at the old folks home?  I have already done Mudpuddle Art.  Thinking caps please.  We need an inspiration.


                     An example of conceptual art


desannie said...

Chuck, Google "weird Austin".  Lots of strange stuff.  You might get some ideas here.  This is a strange town that likes being "Weird".  Annie

jckfrstross said...

well how about hands lots of hands


garnett109 said...

I remember you traced spoons and forks and put a face on them can you teach them the stuff you know, there is no stale stuff with you chuck

bamawmn46 said...

How about a story where each person can contribute a few sentences or ideas? The story can then be read on New Year's Eve or Day.  For example, you write a paragraph, then pass it on to Charlotte, who passes it on to Anita, who passes it on to Ted, etc.  

You might could start a piece of art and do the same thing. Have an easel with a canvas in a central location. Each person contributes brush strokes or glues a piece of something personal to it. The rule could be that it be finished by New Year's Eve by 8:00 pm.

If I think of anything else, I'll e-mail you!