Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Another Car Survey

My tablemate, Wilma, was shocked to find that her new Toyota had no keyhole on the passenger side door.  Car must be opened from the drivers' side.

I thought that was curious, so I took a tour of the parking lot on my scooter.  Ah hah.  I found a Lincoln that has no passenger side keyhole.  In fact it had no keyhole at all, just a combination keypad on the drivers side.  I wonder if it works when the battery is dead.  Maybe Lincoln's batteries don't go dead.

I also found a keyless passenger side door on a Jeep, a Nissan, a Ford, and a Honda.  Is that the way cars come now?


In the comments section below...ryanagi tells why... car doors are "keyless" now.  You press the key in your hand and the door unlocks.  Wilma, the car owner mentioned above, found this out too, to her amazement.  She says, "One of these days, I am going to read the owners manual."

We're just twentieth century kids that have lived into the twenty-first.  We have a lot to learn about modern conveniences


mavarin said...

First I've heard of this.  Guess I'll find out in five or ten years, when I get up to 2005 in my used cars. - Karen

fisherkristina said...

Sounds strange to me. -Krissy

plieck30 said...

Humm don't pay that much attention to cars. Don't know if I would like that feature or not. I'm sure glad we have you to keep us up on these things. Paula

kkasey47 said...

Besides all the pass words to remember for almost every site you visit. Know is one more thing to remember. I am lucky to remember wher the heck I put my car keys half the time.By the way I have visited your journal many time and want to tell you are on my alert list and I enjoy reading your journal..........Kasey

ceschorr said...

i don't know... but i wouldn't buy that... i need keys... and a key hole.. just like a front door.... does that make me weird?

ryanagi said...

Ya know what? I have no idea if there is a keyhole on the passenger side of my van or midsize cars...they both have a keyless entry remote. I just hit the unlock button on my keyring. I have never actually inserted the key in the lock EVER on these two cars. LOL

nicurnmama said...

call me weird but I actually do read my owners manual right away when I buy a car. I was teased so badly two years ago when I brought my then new car's manual to work for "light" reading.

valphish said...

Call me weird, but I want the keyhole! lol xox