Monday, April 25, 2005

Before the Hereafter

   Up at 3 am thinking I should add something to the journal, just to keep it "alive".  So here is some drivel to add to Dribble.
   My niece and I were discussing the purpose of life.  She felt that she was wading through the "muck" of her life hoping her life would exhalt Christ.  I asked if she thought her life was really "muck", her word, and she back-tracked a bit, saying she meant the dull daily routine.
   I am non-religious, so that explanation for life did not fit me.  I said that my life was a novel that I am reading.  It has had its exciting chapters and its dull ones. The chapter I am on is pretty dull, but that the conclusion ahead would, I hoped, be more interesting.  There might even be an epilogue, I surmised.
   She said the epilogue would be the most important part. By epilogue we meant after-life.
   Actually I don't expect an after-life, but it is reasonable to at least consider it.
   My cousin, 89, expects an after-life without pain, in which she could wear loose white frocks with blue trim, and people keep their appointments.  She would have a large bed in which she would not feel cramped.  Her garden would grow without weeds.  In fact, she was describing her present life without the constraints she has placed upon herself.
   One of my tablemates believes in an after-life, but will only make jokes about it, saying she is going to "Republican, cat-free, heaven."  Some of my journal friends would say that if there are no cats in heaven, they aren't going to go there either
   The Menonite choir that comes to visit our old folks home sings regularly about "Streets of Gold" and "Dinner time in Heaven and the table's heavy laden."  I asked what they eat in heaven and no one answered.  I wonder what gold streets are good for?
   Well, wondering about the purpose of life, and the nature of a possible after-life has filled forty minutes that would have been spent tossing and turning in bed.  It has added an entry to a sparse journal. 

   Big finish with a joke:The parson asked the elderly resident of a rest home if he ever considered the hereafter.
   "Oh, yes," said the old timer.  "Often I walk into a room and ask myself, 'Now what did I come in hereafter?'."
   --Chuck at 4 am


sieblonde said...

It's not the quantity of entries but the quality ....  and yours is abundant in that.  ~Sie.

lacaza3 said...

funny joke at the end..I do that now and I'm 43
Donna In TEXAS

fisherkristina said...

I definately believe in an afterlife.  The purpose of life is to serve and love God here so we can be with Him in Heaven when we die.  But the relationship with Him starts right here on earth.  We can have a close relationship with Him.  -Krissy

ryanagi said...

Nothing like contemplating your own mortality in the wee hours of the morning, eh? I'd like to think there will be something more after my energies kick loose of this mortal coil, but I can't buy in to that whole "streets of gold" and angels playing harps in the clouds ideal of "heaven". I have a feeling it will be a form of awareness...of all things. Something than can't be described or explained. :-)

kateh2ocolorart said...

I think ryanagi said it best, and so that I could see my thoughts in words...thanks ryanagi!!  Kate
I have a feeling it will be a form of awareness...of all things. Something than can't be described or explained. :-)
Comment from ryanagi - 4/25/05 11:48 AM

labdancer51 said...

Maybe as far as an afterlife is concerned it`s best for us all to keep our options open !  :-)   Sandra x

mavarin said...

I once saw a comedy bit in which Rowan Atkinson was a devil with a clipboard, checking people into Hell.  At one point he addresses the atheists: "Now, don't you all feel like silly ___s?"  I don't think that's what happens, but I appreciate the joke.  I'd place that scene in Heaven myself.

We don't know for sure about Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Limbo, Valhalla, Hades, reincarnation or Nirvana (yeah, I know that's not meant to be a place). Some of us believe one or more of these places exists, but none of us know what it's like if it does.  All we do is speculate, based on what we read and what we think we want.  Cat people talk about a Rainbow Bridge, because they want to be with their cats.  Others talk about being with the people they love, or a life of comfort, or an afterlife spent praising God.  Me, I think the latter would get pretty boring, and is the Lord really that insecure?

Well, we'll all find out eventually--or not, if the "silly" atheists turn out to be right. Me, I'm in no particular hurry.  I believe in Heaven, have no idea what or where it is or what it's like, and will wait to find out.


plieck30 said...

I am finding the chapters of your life most interesting. I too wonder about the streets of gold. Guess they would be prettier to look at then asphalt. lol The joke is cute. Paula

valphish said...

I like to think that Heaven is a place that God has made that is filled with His love and presence and it is so special that we can not comprehend it with our minds.  Only He knows.  It is a time of total love and joy.  I think that it will be just amazing!  Love you, Chuck! xox