Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Someone put a small plastic aquarium, about a quart of water, with a bit of plastic seaweed, and one small goldfish on a table in the common area of the old folks' home. 

How long can the fish live there?  Even if I adopted it, what could I do to sustain it? 


You fish owners, suggestions please.

Chuck, Wednesday evening, 7 pm. and counting down.


silkendrum said...

If it IS a goldfish, good news, they are surprisingly hardy and long-lived.  He won't really need a fancy aquarium, heater, filter, etc.  All you need is a plain larger bowl, some water that's been allowed to "air" a bit (at least overnight), and some goldfish food.  Don't feed too much so the water doesn't get sour.  Avoid direct sunlight.  Change the water once a week or whenever it looks like it needs it.  (If your local tapwater has chlorine, you can get stuff to add to it to detoxify the chlorine.)  Never change ALL the water at once.  Fishy's urine can poison him, but there are natural bacteria that develope in the water to nertralize the nitro-whatsis - so never change more than 2/3 of the water at a time.  You don't really need gravel in the bottom  - it's helpful for the good  bacteria, but it's easier to syphon the bottom clean without it.

However - that doesn't look like a goldfish.  It looks more like a tetra.  Not good news.  If it dies - go buy a real goldfish.  You'll enjoy him.  My daughter's won-at-the-county-fair goldfish is now about seven years old and 10" long - and he has a real personality.

fisherkristina said...

Yeah, what silkendrum said! -Krissy

valphish said...

He doesn't look like a goldfish to me, Chuck.  I have had lots of goldfish.  He is a big guy.  I don't think the big guy there will survive too long in that small tank, as the guy said below without proper filtration and space.  Goldfish and my favorite, beta fish..they are soooo pretty, survive so well in small places.  If this guy dies, go get one of those and follow what the nice fellow said below, but change and clean tank if anything dies in it.:-)  You can write me back if you need proper help again as I know how to take care of goldfish and beta fish.  Love ya, Chuckie!! xox

kateh2ocolorart said...

Hey Dad, When I saw that the other day, I thought it was the saddest thing ever!  We had a couple of goldfish that lastest awhile...a calico one didn't make it too long, but his bowl mate (a MUCH larger bowl) survived a 5 hour car ride and a move to a new location and my kid tells me he lived 5 years!  That one in the picture seems too big for his bowl already...He will suffocate I fear.

kateh2ocolorart said... the way, I agree with the others that doesn't look like a goldfish...AND it doesn't look like the first fish I saw in there...has it changed already?  The one I saw DID look more like a BETA (is that the one with the fine and larger tail?) I suppose I could look it up on the internet, eh?

AND HEY...the bird in the parlour used to whistle at me everytime I came in...did I get uglier, or is that a NEW bird too? (Maybe he just doesn't like the new parlour decor).  Luv Kate

plittle said...

What you have there is a Paradise Gourami, or Paradise fish, one of the earliest recorded aquarium hobby fish because of their ability to survive the slow boat from China in a tiny, watertight (and therefore airtight) container. They are famous for being very hardy. Because they are part of a genera called labyrinth fish, they have the ability to take in air from the surface to supplement a low oxygen content environment, which allows them to live in exceptionally small bowls and aquariums. They do, however, prefer to be in a spacious fish tank, rather than a cramped little bowl (wouldn't you?)

sylviam4000 said...

Was going to suggest fish for supper 2 morrow, bit on the small side though. Keep smiling.

ceschorr said...

ummmm.... i am thinking of a big swishing white bowl in your bathroom....  but i really don't like fish.. so....  sorry.,.... i can't kill mine... send your fishies here...