Wednesday, April 6, 2005

How I Simplify My Life

   To leave room in my head for mind games, such as the ones mentioned in the entry below, I am constantly trying to simplify my life. 
   How can one simplify life in an old folks home more than it already is?
   One: dressing down.  I wear two, count ‘em, two garments.  Pants and T shirt.  I can get dressed and ready for breakfast in less than one minute.  Oh, I do have to add one sock and one shoe.  The other sock and shoe are on my wooden leg all the time.  What? You don’t wear underwear?  Yes, I do.  The pants are loose washable garments and they are my underwear.  I just don’t wear any outerwear over them.
   Two:  bed making.  This is even quicker.  I don’t. Zero time spent.
   Three: Food preparation and clean up.  All done by the old folks home staff.   Zero time spent.
   Four: Medication.  I am stuck here.  Seven pills in morning and I can’t reduce that further.  I have to open each pill bottle, take out the medication, close the bottle, and then take the pills I have lined up on the kitchen sink.  I even have to split one pills so I can take half. Ten minutes, minimum, time spent. 
   Five:  Plan the day’s activities.  The staff does that with current
events, games, bingo.  Time spent by me, another zero.
   So what do I do with all this time I have saved? 
   Write in my journal, silly stuff like this, and the entry below. 


lacaza3 said...

you could put all your meds in a reminder thing..That is what my dad does he has to take lots of meds several times a step mom takes them out and puts them it the little slots so all he has to do is open the slot and pour in his mouth:-)
Donna In TEXAS

ryanagi said...

I have a suggestion for about a pill sorter box? Then you could just spend once a week loading it up...then voila. One compartment to open in the AM. I like this one. LOL

plieck30 said...

I still think you live the life of Riley and I'm glad for you. As for the last entry I don't even want to think about it, but you keep on its good for you. Paula

ceschorr said...

hey, it could be the looney bin.....
love ya chuck...

valphish said...

I fill up my meds in a med minder every week.  That means I only open up my bottles once a week, how about it? xox

fisherkristina said...

Sounds like you need more activities, lol! -Krissy