Monday, April 18, 2005

As Changeable as the Weather

Eva, see entry below, who was engaged, then wasn't, then was, who fell and broke her hip, now has broken leg instead.  It was, or was not depending on who is telling the story, operated on yesterday.

This adventure may, or may not, be continued later.

Getting a straight story in the old folks home is difficult.

As the housekeeper told James Thurber in My Life and Hard Times, "They are here with the reeves."


chasferris said...

Thanks, Karen

mavarin said...

You'll get to the truth, ace reporter that you are! - Karen

plieck30 said...

You keep a watch out now. Paula

valphish said...

I will be praying for Eva, Chuck...I am glad the fishie is alive as well.  Seems like things are hopping over at your home...take care, my friend! xox

fisherkristina said...

Oh my!  I sent up another prayer for Eva! -Krissy