Thursday, October 6, 2005

Fall in California

Valerie noted that the leaves are turning red and gold in the East and asked me if there were any signs of Fall in California.  These are the ones I noted.

  1. I caught my winter cold early, and hope it will not hang on until spring this year.  In fact I had pneumonia last winter.  

2. Hot soup with every supper.  

3. West Wing returns to TV and new shows premier  

4. Almond trees go bare and stay that way until a particular day in the spring when all bloom on the same day. (How do they know?)  

5. Here and there a tree turns golden, but palms and firs and Redwoods do not.  

6. Sun rises too far south to shine in my window at dawn, which comes at 7 am these days.  Sun sets to the south too, diving steeply down and causing NO twilight.  Dayiight to dark in short order.  

7. Ladies in San Francisco change from white to black gloves  

8. Swallows have all left La Paloma bridge, and Capistano, for South America  

9. Governor Arnold Swartzenegger starts campagning for law to make teacher tenure harder to get by two years.  

10.  Fall, in California, is mainly on the calendar


kateh2ocolorart said...

7. Ladies in San Francisco change from white to black gloves  

LOL...since WHEN?  Or 'til when I should ask!  

Fall in least here in Merced also means we can open our windows and go for walks outside!  DELIGHTFUL, even if it usually only lasts a couple of weeks!

ryanagi said...

A cold already?? Oh dear. Hope you feel better soon! (Off to pack away my white gloves...)

sylviam4000 said...

Sorry to hear you're not too good Chuck. Hope it clears up soon. Sending some TLC.

fisherkristina said...

Sorry to  hear about your cold.  Hope you get better soon.
You mean there is somebody in America who still wears gloves?