Thursday, October 6, 2005

More Radio Trivia

Who's the little chatter box

The one with all the curly locks

Who can it be?



Raise the banner high boys

Show them where we stand

We are Hudson High boys,

Known throughout the land.



The Atlanta Journal covers Dixie like the dew,

Both near and far away

Daily it reviews

All that is the news

It will tell you what you want to know

We're telling the world that if you want

That Dixie flavor in your mouth

Tune in on Atlanta and the voice of the south

The Atlanta Journal covers dixie like the dew

And it's Hail from down in Georgia

WSB SIGN OFF JINGLE (with a couple of lines missing)


HELEN TRENT showed that for a woman, romance is possible at thirty five and beyond.

SHAFTER PARKER would try to expain something and fail, and someone would prompt him to "start at the beginning" and he would... saying, "When I first come to California I didn't have no saxophone... and..." But someone always stopped him there and we never got to hear how he got his saxophone

Andy's office in AMOS AND ANDY got wired backwards, and the secretary would not respond unless she was buzzed on call system.  So Andy would call, "Buzz me, Miss Blue. Now, come on in here."

Well, we used to think these things were funny.  The lines haven't changed, so I guess we have.


ryanagi said...

What's the word? Jaded? Yeah. Something like that. They call this the age of information. Maybe that's the problem. Too much information. We are incapable of enjoying simpler things from simpler times. We know too much. ;-)

jckfrstross said...

interesting i didn't know any of them lol


magogos said...

Perhaps we are jaded, but perhaps it's not all bad, for along with the many bad changes have come good ones-medical technology, for example, and more openness- Helen Trent couldn't write about breast cancer or drpression. We still do laugh, just at different things. Margo

memes121 said...

You can still hear some of those wonderful radio shows on this site. Free!