Saturday, October 22, 2005

Who Was That Masked Man?

Another one of those quiz games, and this one designed to drive you nuts -- cuz you know you know the answer, just can't remember it.

It is simply a list of presidental elections since WWII, with some of the names printed in invisible ink.  Your job, wrack your brain and remember the names that are blanked out.  I have even left some of the inital letters to ease your pain. As always, drag your cursor over the blanked out name to reveal it.


52 Eisenhower-Nixon beat Stevenson-Sparkman

56 Eisenhower-Nixon beat Stevenson-Kefauver

60 Kennedy-Johnson beat Nixon-Lodge

64 Johnson-Humphrey beat Goldwater-Miller

68 Nixon-Agnew beat Humphrey-Muskie

72 Nixon-Agnew beat McGovern-Shriver

76 Carter-Mondale beat Ford-Dole

80 Reagan-Bush beat Carter-Mondale

84 Reagan-Bush beat Mondale-Ferraro

88 Bush-Quale beat Dukakis-Bentsen

92 Clinton-Gore beat Bush-Quale

96 Clinton-Gore beat Dole-Kemp

2000 Bush-Cheyney beat Gore-Lieberman

04 Bush-Cheyney beat Kerry-Edwards


jckfrstross said...

Wow i actually remembered some lol thank you:)


republicanjen said...

Hey, a presidential history quiz!  I can go with that.  :)
Congratulations on your VIVI awards nomination!